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Segalink: Leading Voice Against Police Brutality In Nigeria

Segalink needs no introduction when it comes to addressing issues of police brutality in Nigeria.

In fact, so influential is he that the Federal Government itself added him as a member presidential panel for the reorganisation of FSARS just based on his credentials as a dogged activist against police brutality in Nigeria.

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How To Report Army Abuse To The Nigerian Army

Hello folks, I saw this and knew I should share. My advice is that you save both the phone number and the Whatsapp number, as you never know when you might need it. Cheers.

Misbehavior of military personnel + abuse of rights of civilians and other people by military personnel, is a common occurrence in Nigeria. But unknown to many people, the Nigerian Arny has a platform for dealing with such issues…
Department of Civil Military Affairs.
In case of any such thing, contact that body.
Here are how you can contact them:

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Osu Caste Discrimination: Internet Erupts As So-Called ‘Outcast’ Is Made King In Imo Community

Nationalhelm reports that a man said to be “outcast” popularly known as ‘Osu’ in Igbo land, was recently crowned king of Obinwanne, Umuaka, in Njaba LGA of Imo State, sparking fierce debate on the internet.

The people of  the town threw caste discrimination aside and coronated Bar. Justine Uzoma Ezeala, as Ezenwanne 1, of their town.

Barr. Ezeala’s part of town has for centuries been ‘banned’ from enjoying many basic human rights. They had been treated like subhumans not humans.

Read about Ezana (Ezeana), the Ethiopian emperor

But Ezeala’s people saw him befitting and credible to rule over them hence, they choose him to be their king.

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