Coronavirus: UK doctors go home fearing they will infect their loved ones – Okorocha

The BBC spoke to a doctor working with the National Health Service, NHS, Dr Emeka Okorocha on the conditions of medical workers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. And he made the following points:

  • Health workers are thinking of themselves as well as for their patients
  • There’s a shortage of equipment so UK health workers have had to adapt
  • UK health workers expecting to receive new protective gear from UK government
  • UK health workers facing tough situations treating coronavirus, so patients urged to stay home more
  • Health workers go home fearing they may spread Covid-19 to their family

I cam imagine the risks health workers face fighting coronavirus. We applaud them.

Medical families are praised for their sacrifices for humanity at this period. The least the rest of humanity can do now is to follow the rules, including social distancing.


Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus. He is now self-isolating at home.

Boris Johnson himself made the announcement on his Insta Story with typical British Churchillian positivity.

We wish him a quick recovery.

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