Farmer-Herdsmen Crisis: Ganduje Gives Situation Report On Falgore Forest Solution

Governor Ganduje of Kano State has gone far in his bid to end the farmer-herdsmen crisis which has claimed many many innocent lives.

Alhaji Ganduje has shown that he is both friend to the farmers and friend to the herdsmen. Below he gives a situation report on progress in building settlement in Kano forests and equipping them so that herdsmen can enjoy social amenities.

If he succeeds, the farmer-herdsmen crisis would be contained.

See the situation report on Falgore forest solution to farmer-herdsmen crisis below.

“We have a technical committee, which involves herdsmen themselves. We have five big forests, which we are converting to be grazing reserves, including Falgore forest.

“We already have the technical committee working. We have already awarded contract for water, which is being provided as we construct some tanks in some places.

“We will provide social amenities like hospital, veterinary clinic, market, security post and school so that herdsmen will enjoy facilities just like other Nigerians.

“Ruga should not be a national issue, it should be a state issue. If there are Fulani in the South and they want to remain there, the Constitution has allowed them to remain there but they should negotiate their stay with the host communities without harming anybody.

“If you live in a place, you must not harm the environment and the environment must not harm you and that could only exist when you negotiate.

“In those days, herders-farmers’ relationship was symbiotic. While the cow dung provided manure for the land, the herdsmen get grazing areas.

“But because of climate change and population expansion, the land became scarce. You can remain wherever you are but you must negotiate your stay,” he said.

Let us all support theefforts of Governor Ganduje to bring peace.