Benin People Left Eri, Aguleri Before Establishing Ife – Eze Eri

Eze Chukwuemeka Eri of Eri Community in Aguleri, Anambra state says that Benin people left Eri before establishing Ife. He also stated that the Igbo and Igala races also started from Eri, Aguleri. The traditional ruler made the statement during an interview with Daily Trust.

He said;

There is the need for us to look inwards because there are values in our culture. Let’s appreciate what we have; it is for our good.

Benin people left here to establish the Benin Kingdom before establishing Ife. It is not only the Igbo and Igala that originated from here. Eri had five children; among them was only one female.

He made many other statements about other cultural issues. See the other things he said here.


Igala uses the 4 Igbo market days

I just read that Igalaland uses the 4 native Igbo calendar days of Eke, Oye, Afor and Nkwo which are Eke, Ede, Afor and Ukwor in Igala land.

Culture History

“The Igbos And Igalas Come From The Same Blood Family”

I share an article which states clearly that the Igbos and the Igalas are related by blood.


Before I post the article below, I have certain observations to make:

  • Igala is today, a common name among the Igbo
  • In fact, the founder of the Igala ethnic group, who was named Igala himself is said to be a child of Eri the founder of the Igbo ethnic group
  • A former Attah of Igala had the title of Ababa Idu, which is also an Igbo title
  • Idu is an ancient name for the Igbo
  • Olu are Igbos who came down from Igala Land and settled and completely assimilated into the Igbo ethnic group
  • The king of the Igala nation is called Attah. There are places in the Igbo ancestral area called Attah today, as you will find in the article below
  • Parts of Anambra State remain Igala till today. And they are treated completely equally as Igbos

Having noted these, find posted the article in the link below: