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View Realistic Mural Of Harriet Tubman, Breaker Of Chains

Harriet Tubman was a heroic US Afro American woman who rescued many slaves during the slave era of the United States.

Her movement was metaphorically called the Underground Railway and many slaves rode on to their freedom.

According to Afro Americans of that era, Harriet Tubman comes around to rescue slaves in the thick of the night when normal people are alseep. She was that brave.

See photo of the extra realistic mural here.

One thing though: I would have preferred the mural to have a night time background not a day time background. Because most of her rescue operations were carried out at night.

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All About Afro American Haiti’s Famous PAPJAZZ FESTIVAL HAITI And How To Donate To Make 2020 EDITION Hold

PAPJAZZ is one constant Haitians can count on. Many Haitian Afro Americans see it as a rock of hope and stability in the midst of instability.

Please read about it and make the 2020 edition happen. Afro Americans of all countries. Time to support your own.

All you need is in this link

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Post-Hurricane Tension Between Bahamians And Haitian Refugees Should Be Reduced Through Mutual Understanding

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Origin: Afro Americans Call For More DNA Tests From Igbos

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Harlem Renaissance: When Afro American Harlem Was The Epicenter Of American Culture

At the height of the movement, Harlem was the epicenter of American culture. The neighborhood bustled with African American-owned and run publishing houses and newspapers, music companies, playhouses, nightclubs, and cabarets. The literature, music, and fashion they created defined culture and “cool” for blacks and white alike, in America and around the world.

Afro Americans should be confident. Despite all they have faced before, they have done great things and will still do great things. I call for the restoration of the Harlem Renaissance.

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