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Police Clash With Protesters After Killing Of Unarmed US Afro American

There have been violent protests in the US city of  Minneapolis after a policeman killed an unarmed US Afro American man by kneeling on his neck till he died.

Angry protesters threw rocks and sprayed graffiti on police cars, and police responded by firing canisters of tear gas.

Painful Last Moments

A video shows George Floyd, 46, groaning “I can’t breathe” as a policeman kneels on his neck! Those were his last moments.

This is a sad reminder of Eric Garner who was killed chokehold in 2014 in New York. The cases of police brutality against US Afro Americans is very disturbing. It has defied answers.

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There should be dialogue to find out why the killings of unarmed US Afro Americans by police keeps happening. America mustn’t just be a great society. It should also strive to be a fair society more than ever. Only then, can its greatness be said to be complete.


Civil Rights History

View Realistic Mural Of Harriet Tubman, Breaker Of Chains

Harriet Tubman was a heroic US Afro American woman who rescued many slaves during the slave era of the United States.

Her movement was metaphorically called the Underground Railway and many slaves rode on to their freedom.

According to Afro Americans of that era, Harriet Tubman comes around to rescue slaves in the thick of the night when normal people are alseep. She was that brave.

See photo of the extra realistic mural here.

One thing though: I would have preferred the mural to have a night time background not a day time background. Because most of her rescue operations were carried out at night.

Culture History

Origin: Afro Americans Call For More DNA Tests From Igbos

“I have not been able to find out the state or family where I belong. That is why we are appealing to Igbo people and Africans in general to do DNA test so that when the result matches us, we will know we are cousins.

“The western media will always try to portray Africans in negative light but I never bought into that. Nollywood is very popular among us in the Caribbean and the visuals we get in those movies replicated our environment in the Caribbean.

Nicholas Quesha from Seattle, Washington in the USA, said insisted his descent was around Anambra, Delta, Imo and Enugu states, adding that he was making great efforts to establish the exact place of his origin.

He said, “I took DNA test about five years ago and was able to identify with 25 Igbo cousins and through phone calls and visits, I was able to know that my ancestors belonged to the Igbo land.”


Igbodefender Comment has noted for years that Afro Americans are of majority Igbo descent.

We ask Igbos to please do more DNA tests, so that Igbos and their Afro American cousins can interact more.

Nya gazie.



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Lionheart Oscar Nomination: Hollywood Actress, Kerry Washington Rejoices With Genevieve In Igbo Language

Hollywood actress Kerry Washington has been learning Igbo, it seems.
The actress who is married to Hollywood based Nnamdi Asomugha, congratulated actress Genevieve Nnaji in Igbo language, following her film Lionheart‘s nomination for an Oscar award. Continue reading in the link below:


Today Is Igbo Landing Day 2019

Today, we at Igbo Defender remember Igbo Landing, the first civil rights protest on US soil.