Coronavirus: Bus Conductors Should Be Oriented Not To Take Off Masks

As Lagos prepares to ease its Lockdown, it is very important for bus conductors to be trained on the need not to remove their masks.

They have to collect money from passengers from the back of the bus to the front. They may face temptations to ignore social distancing rules when collecting money.

Also, when they advertise their destinations, they may be tempted to take off their facemasks and forget to put them back on.

We all have the responsibility to reduce the spread of covid-19.

One Word For Passengers

Try to sterilize your hands after collecting money, because you don’t know if that change was handled by someone infected with coronavirus.

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Video: How Planes Land In DRC To Carry Solid Minerals Away – Former AU Ambassador

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Coronavirus: What About Protecting The Eyes?

Facemasks protect the mouth and nose from coronavirus. Where are the goggles to protect the eyes? Also, are ear plugs needed to protect the ears?

These are crucial questions we should ponder upon.

The only answer is social distancing.

Health Politics

Video: Cross River Commisioner Alleges People Being Promised Millions To Claim They Have Coronavirus

A video is online purportedly showing the Cross River State Commisioner for Health alleging that people in her state were sent text messages to claim that they have coronavirus and they will be paid millions.

Although the alleged text messages were not shown, the Commissioner is videoed asking people sending those text messages to stop, saying that not every state in Nigeria must have coronavirus cases. Watch (video loading…)