Difference between Obi Cubana and Cubana Chief Priest

The Cubana empire is one of the most iconic hospitality outfits in Nigeria. But people get confused whether its BIG ambassador, Cubana Chief Priest is its owner.

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Let’s put you out of that quandary: an enigmatic leader known as Obi Cubana (real names Obinna Iyiegbu) is the CEO, the oga kpata kpata. He runs things from behind the scenes.

But Cubana Chief Priest is a high executive in the Cubana Group. In fact, he is the public face of the company. Cubana Chief Priest is the public face of he Cubana Group because of his charismatic personality, his loyalty, and the business sense of Obi Cubana.

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It is clear that Obi Cubana’s business strategy and success is based a lot on humility. This is something other entrepreneurs can study and learn from. Obi Cubana can be called a leader of leaders. That is his business model.

So, now you know.

To know the third Cubana in the Cubana pantheon, and his importance to the Cubana system, click the link above.

More Facts About The Cubana Empire

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Nigeria’s 3 Major Tribes: Hausa-Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba Not Mentioned

Popular Quora user Ifeanyi Maduka has listed the groups he says are Nigeria’s 3 major tribes. And they are not the groups you’ll expect. He wrote;

Nigeria has 3 major tribes:

  • The Super Rich (Politicians and their business fronts):
  • The middle class (Genuine Business people and well paid workers in the private sector) They support and grow the economy. The good people of diaspora belong here too. They remit money into the economy to support family and friends:
  • The Poor: They beg and get handouts from the upper echelons. Politicians use them during elections to cause chaos if they can’t buy their votes.

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