The Queen Of The Cubana Empire (Photo)

The saying is really true: behind every great man is a virtuous woman.

We have heard of the Made Men of Cubana fame, Obi Cubana, Cubana Prime Minister, Cubana Chief Priest and other members of the Cubana Clan and Dynasty.

But have you heard of the Virtuous Queen who is a pillar of support for Obi Cubana, the Cubana Boss of Bosses?

Recently Obi Cubana celebrated her, his loving wife. He shared a photo of his lovely queen and gave it a caption that reveals all she means to him. See Photo:


Difference between Obi Cubana and Cubana Chief Priest

The Cubana empire is one of the most iconic hospitality outfits in Nigeria. But people get confused whether its BIG ambassador, Cubana Chief Priest is its owner.

Let’s put you out of that quandry: an enigmatic leader known as Obi Cubana (real names Obinna Iyiegbu) is the CEO, the oga kpata kpata. He runs things from behind the scenes.

But Cubana Chief Priest is a high executive in the Cubana Group. In fact, he is the public face of the company. Cubana Chief Priest is the public face of he Cubana Group because of his charismatic personality, his loyalty, and the business sense of Obi Cubana.

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It is clear that Obi Cubana’s business strategy and success is based a lot on humility. This is something other entrepreneurs can study and learn from. Obi Cubana can be called a leader of leaders. That is his business model.

So, now you know.

To know the third Cubana in the Cubana pantheon, and his importance to the Cubana system, click the link above.

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