Norway makes billions selling fish

In case you are one of those that thinks Norway just depends on crude oil, read the quote below from the Norwegian Seafood Council:

“Norway is one of the world’s leading exporters of seafood.

In 2017, Norway exported 2.5 million metric tonnes of seafood to over 146 countries around the world.

All this seafood made up a total value of $10.9 billion, making Norway the second largest seafood exporter in the world behind China.

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Why Nnamdi Kanu’s latest speech reminds me of Nixon’s ‘Checkers speech’

It is said that man is a political animal. But dogs are increasingly being dragged into the game.

Nnamdi Kanu’s recent speech in which he mentioned his late dog ‘Jack’ is an example. Jack was one of the casualties in the attack on Nnamdi Kanu’s house during Operation Python Dance.

The speech reminded me of ex US President Nixon’s ‘Checkers speech’, which he gave to defend himself from political attacks in the 1950s or so. Checkers was the family pet dog, and got embroiled in a lot of political controversy.

I also remember the man who got involved in controversy after naming his dog after President Buhari. President Bill Clinton wrote in his biography, My Life, about a neighbor who named his pet dog Clinton, and would call it as a way to taunt his (Clinton’s) dad.

It appears that dogs, like mankind, have become political animals.

Atiku Wins PDP’s Presidential Primaries

He scored the most votes in PDP’s presidential primaries, beating many PDP bigwigs in the process.

His nearest rival was  Sokoto Governor, Tambuwal, who scored 693 votes.

He will be challenging President Muhammadu Buhari in the general elections next year.

There have been fears that candidates who lost may defect. But the PDP leadership has been making concerted moves to prevent such. Will th