Imran Khan snub to IMF, a wakeup call

Recently, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan urgently needed to borrow money to run his country.

But instead of going to the IMF lending organization, he went to a country – Saudi Arabia.

PM Khan said he decided to shun the IMF because borrowing from it would have meant being forced to borrow more, and under burdensome conditions.

You are a lending institution. If no one comes to borrow from you, then you would have lost relevance. You would have nothing to do.

Is that what you want, IMF? You have to change. You can still be a force for good.

Lend money in a way that the borrower’s citizens are not handed a heavy burden.

No government can long explain to its citizens the reason for burdensome loans… For the principal duty of government is to see to the welfare of the people.


By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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