Igbos urged to increase media establishment, support and involvement


Sad: The fire at Sam Mbakwe International Airport

I was sad to read about the fire that engulfed a part of Sam Mbakwe International Airport yesterday.

Sam Mbakwe international Airport is an example of Igbo…


Governor Sam Mbakwe’s legacies revisited

Chief Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe (1929-2004) was the first civilian governor of Imo State. He served in that capacity between 1979 and 1983. 

His legacies include: 

  1. The Imo Modern Poultry
  2. Adapalm
  3. Imo State University (now Abia State University)
  4. Imo Cargo Airport (built with a development levy on all Ndi Imo then).

As a politician, you must try to build a legacy. Let the impact of your life last longer than your life itself. Let people keep talking and posting blogs about you after you are gone from the scene politicaly or permanently.

How can they do that if you don’t live behind a legacy? Think about that. 


Lessons From The Igbo State of Imo + Remembering Sam Mbakwe Of Imo 

Wow, Imo State has so many celebrities! I didn’t even know filmstar Kanayo O Kanayo and star blogger Linda Ikeji are from the state.


See more celebrities from the state: Renowned Celebrities From Imo State-the Eastern Heartland – Celebrities – Nigeria

When I think of Imo State, I always remember Mazi De Sam Mbakwe, the action governor that mobilized every citizen to contribute to build an airport for the state.

That man was great, and dear Igbo Defender, if you become a politician tomorrow, endeavor to emulate Sam Mbakwe. Look for some great project your state needs, and try to find a way to actualize it.

When you are doing it, the greatest factor you’ll face is not money or the lack of it, but Equianoism: You should think within the box, outside the box and beyond outside the box. There is always an answer somewhere. It is not impossible.

Even if you are not in government, if you are wealthy, try and do something memorable in your state/community. Let us all be like De Sam Mbakwe of Imo State.

Do it and some blogger you never met will one day write to praise you. Even if he doesn’t, the people you impact won’t forget you.

Okay, let me stop here for now.

Igbo Kwenu!