With More Money Comes More…

I saw the Spanish proverb below about more money and what comes with it and decided to share. “El dinero llama al dinero –  Money calls money With more money, comes more opportunities.” https://baselang.com/blog/vocabulary/spanish-proverbs/#:~:text=El%20dinero%20llama,comes%20more%20opportunities.

Igbo Proverb (Ilu) About The Chicken (Okuko) And The Goat (Ewu)

We saw this Igbo chicken and goat proverb and knew we had to share it: Thanks to Gabriel Oguda in Twitter. “When the eagle comes for the chicken, the goat laughs forgetting the butcher doesn’t live in the sky.” – Igbo proverb — Gabriel Oguda (@gabrieloguda) May 19, 2020 This proverb reminds us of the…… Continue reading Igbo Proverb (Ilu) About The Chicken (Okuko) And The Goat (Ewu)

Igbo Proverb Of The Day

The proverb below carries a message of hope in the midst of hopelessness. Hope it gives you hope! Ọ buru na ọnwụ egbughị nwata akwụkwọ, ọ ga-abụ onye nkụzi. / If death does not kill a student, he will become a teacher. [While we breathe, we hope.] #ilu #Igbo — IGBO PROVERBS (@IgboProverbs_) March 25,…… Continue reading Igbo Proverb Of The Day