Today Is Lucumi-Olukumi Day 2020

The Lucumi are Igbos who were aboriginal to Ile Ife in times past. Today, they can be found in Cuba, and in the Igbo parts of the Niger Delta.

They can most clearly be found in the Olukumi speaking parts of the Niger Delta. Places like Ugbodu, and Ubuluku among others.

These areas still speak a version of Lucumi in addition to the conventional Igbo language.

We salute the Lucumi of the world and wish their culture continious flourishing.

We call on Igbos to continue to promote Lucumi culture. It is am Igbo culture that must not be allowed to fade away.

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10 Ways Motorists Communicate Using Their Car Horns

Car horns are a way of communicating in what I call horn language. Every day, drivers communicate with their horns.

Note: Don’t blame us for any miscommunication as some drivers may not understand your horn language. Okay, so that’s settled.

So, here are some things motorists say with their horns:

  1. Please let my car enter your lane, abeg,abeg!
  2. Don’t jam my car o
  3. Thank you for allowing my car enter your lane
  4. Why did your car enter my lane!?
  5. Hey! See my car (used to show off or counter show off)
  6. Hello
  7. Goodbye
  8. Keep moving your car joor!
  9. Mama Ayo, enough of the make up, let us go, we don late (Lol)
  10. Hello, please I want to ask you for direction. Which way to Yaba Right?

Have you ever communicated any of the above messages with your car horn?
Did I leave any message out? Please tell us in the comments!

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