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Why you should speak Igbo to your children – Eunice Ani

Helping the younger generation to speak Igbo will…


“The Leopard (Agu) Not The Lion (Odum) Is The Igbo Totem Animal”

The article linked to (originally from Igboist group) argues that the lion 🦁 has taken the spot historically reserved for the leopard in Igbo tradition.

It urges the Igbos to abandon imported isi agu clothing that shows the lion’s head and reembrace okpuku agu clothing (leopard skin) as Igbo traditional wear.

The article writer sees the leopard ‘the only feline animal that can speedily chase its prey up to the top of a tree and down the tree’ as a metaphor of the unbeatable Igbo character.

I urge you to read it. Very interesting.

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Watch: Okoro Omebe Igbo cultural dance

This Igbo cultural dance is currently trending on YouTube. You can watch it here.

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Cimarrón Productions To Create First Colombian Afro American Arts Lab

Colombian Afro Americans

Cimarrón Productions is a Colombian Afro American film company established to enable the marginalized Colombian Afro American people, otherwise known as Afro Colombians tell their own stories .

The founders had noticed 2 things about the situation of Colombian Afro Americans: (Continue reading in link below)

US Afro Americans

Harlem Renaissance: When Afro American Harlem Was The Epicenter Of American Culture

At the height of the movement, Harlem was the epicenter of American culture. The neighborhood bustled with African American-owned and run publishing houses and newspapers, music companies, playhouses, nightclubs, and cabarets. The literature, music, and fashion they created defined culture and “cool” for blacks and white alike, in America and around the world.

Afro Americans should be confident. Despite all they have faced before, they have done great things and will still do great things. I call for the restoration of the Harlem Renaissance.

Read more here: