4 Nnewi Festivals That Have Been Stopped That May Just Need Reform

Four Nnewi festivals that have been stopped are Igba Ota, Igbu Ichi, Ikwu aru, and Igbu Ichebili. Our investigations show they were stopped because of ‘modernisation’.

We think it should be looked into if there is away to remove any harmful effects the festivals had and then revive and continue them. If properly handled, they can showcase Igbo culture while attracting tourists.

Nsibidi And The Afro Americans

Nsibidi, the ancient writing form used by the Igbos, the Ibibios, the Efiks… was transported to Cuba and Haiti via the Atlantic slave trade, where it developed into the anaforuana and veve symbols.

“The Leopard (Agu) Not The Lion (Odum) Is The Igbo Totem Animal”

The article linked to (originally from Igboist group) argues that the lion 🦁 has taken the spot historically reserved for the leopard in Igbo tradition.

It urges the Igbos to abandon imported isi agu clothing that shows the lion’s head and reembrace okpuku agu clothing (leopard skin) as Igbo traditional wear.

The article writer sees the leopard ‘the only feline animal that can speedily chase its prey up to the top of a tree and down the tree’ as a metaphor of the unbeatable Igbo character.

I urge you to read it. Very interesting.