Coronavirus: Italy’s Dunkirk Moment

“Life is highly controlled by government rules. People must fill out a form explaining why they have gone out.“ These are some of the things an American based in the quarantined area of Italy said about life in the area. But it’s for the best. Tough times sometimes require tough rules (within reasonable bounds of… Continue reading Coronavirus: Italy’s Dunkirk Moment

Coronavirus: Italy Places Northern Region, 16 Million In Quarantine

Italy has taken tough measures o curb cases of Coronavirus that have killed hundreds of Italians so far. As part of the measures, weddings,funerals, religious and cultural meetings have been suspended in the quarantined areas. Public meeting places like cinemas, night clubs, gyms, swimming pools, museums and ski resorts have also been closed. Restaurants and… Continue reading Coronavirus: Italy Places Northern Region, 16 Million In Quarantine

Nigerian football player contracts Coronavirus

A Nigerian player based in Italy Udoh Akpan has become the first professional footballer to contract Coronavirus. Coronavirus is currently spreading worldwide and bringing economies to a halt. Last time we heard, it was an Iranian minister and even Vice President who contracted the dreaded virus. May God save humanity from this scourge.