Village In Igbo Land Where Mothers Allow Pythons To Babysit Their Babies?

A Nairalander with the monika MrCliff has announced that in a certain village, Umuokani in Ohaji Egbema, Imo, Igbo Land, Nigeria, mothers leave visiting pythons to babysit their babies while they go to market or the farm.

Is this true?

See what MrCliff wrote after the cut…


“Why The Python Is Revered In Many Igbo Communities”

Ndewo nu, ndi b’anyi. We saw this post on Nairaland, about the place of the Python in Igbo cosmology by OruExpress and thought you should see it. Read after the cut:


Igala uses the 4 Igbo market days

I just read that Igalaland uses the 4 native Igbo calendar days of Eke, Oye, Afor and Nkwo which are Eke, Ede, Afor and Ukwor in Igala land.


The Igbo towns that don’t kill pythons

It is forbidden to kill pythons or “eke” in the towns in Idemmili North Local Government Area and Idemmili South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Igbo Land, Nigeria.

This is due to the fact that pythons are traditionally considered to be sacred in those areas. 

If you kill a python in Idemmili, you will be required to organize a proper funeral for it. That means hiring canopies, cooking food and serving drinks for guests among other things.

So, even if you like snake meat, don’t hunt pythons in Idemmili.