Nigerian Army Arrests Soldiers Who Threatened To Rape Warri Women

The Nigerian Army has announced the arrest of soldiers who threatened to rape Warri women recently.

See the army Twitter handle announcing the arrest below:


Nigerian Army Says Operation Positive Identification Is Fake – Nairaland

The report posted on Nairaland quotes the Nigerians Army’s verified Twitter handle and its website as saying Operation Positive Identification is fake. This comes a day before the said operation was meant to start.

This raises questions as to… Continue reading in the link below:


How To Report Army Abuse To The Nigerian Army

Hello folks, I saw this and knew I should share. My advice is that you save both the phone number and the Whatsapp number, as you never know when you might need it. Cheers.

Misbehavior of military personnel + abuse of rights of civilians and other people by military personnel, is a common occurrence in Nigeria. But unknown to many people, the Nigerian Arny has a platform for dealing with such issues…
Department of Civil Military Affairs.
In case of any such thing, contact that body.
Here are how you can contact them:


Ojukwu’s View On The January 1966 ‘Igbo Coup’

The January 1966 coup in Nigeria has been called an ‘Igbo coup’ ‘perpetuated by Igbos to destroy the political leadership of other éthnic groups in Nigeria. But was it really an Igbo coup?

Appart from the fact that several officers that participated in the coup came from other ethnic groups (for instance Col Adeoyega), late Igbo leader Odumegwu Ojukwu  who successfully fought against the coup -in the quote below- pointed to some facts that show that the coup was not an Igbo power grab. He said;


Nigerian Army tells Nigerians to ignore Boko Haram leader’s remorseful video

A statement from the Nigerian Army reacting to Boko Haram leader Ibrahim Shekau’s apparently remorseful video, asks members of the public not to be carried away by the video clips, but instead to be extra vigilant and security conscious at all times during Easter celebration and beyond.

There have been mixed reactions to the video – while some Nigerians think Ibrahim Shekau is truly remorseful and welcome the video, others say the video may have been a coded message to Boko Haram cells to do something big, and the Army seems to think so too.