24-year-old woman forces 4 year old boy to suck her

The story in the link is that of a 24 year old maid who was arrested for forcing a 4 year old to have carnal knowledge of her.

Parents need to be extra watchful these days. Don’t accuse people if you are not sure, but be watchful. If you can afford it, buy cctv.

This woman made an innocent boy suffer.

Bollywood and Nollywood to produce film called Namaste Wahala

India’s Bollywood and Nigeria’s Nollywood are two of the world’s 3 biggest movie industries. They have joined forces to produce a film called Namaste Wahala.

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Why student bit off her roommate’s ear 👂

Why would a human being bite off the ear of another? See one answer in the link below. (I feel like vomiting.)

Warning: disturbing ear photos

Music that helps children solve mathematical problems invented by Nigerian lecturer

A Nigerian lecturer has invented music that helps children solve mathematical problems.

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Banker unhappy after children’s lesson teacher ‘teaches’ his wife some ‘lessons’

According to Sun, the banker got a job outside the state and bade his wife farewell.

But when he came back for leave, he discovered that their children’s lesson teacher had taken up some of his roles and tried to expand his family.

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Is this story even true?