Addictive Video Challenge

It is impossible to watch this video just once. I dare you to watchbit only once. If I win, you share it twice.

Ogun State Residents Parade Alleged Armed Robbers They Caught (Disturbing Video)

Following the incessant robberies in several parts of Ogun State, the residents are now showing their red eye.

In the video (see below) there are 2 alleged robbers they caught whose bodies are full of their own blood.

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In this lockdown, the Government should make food readily available to the people. Several residents have said robbers took their food and they no longer have food. Twitter influencers suggest the robbers are getting desperate because they have no food to eat.

Federal Government, do the needful.

Video: The chickens be like ‘Coronavirus is town, let’s run home!’

Coronavirus is scaring the sh*t out of folks right now just like the chickens in the video below.

My own is let’s try to stay home as much as we can and we prolly won’t need to run home.