The Odiani Igbos, The Indigenous Custodians Of Lucumi Language

Today, we remember the blessed Odiani sub ethnic group of the Igbos. They occupy a part of Oshimmili Local Government Area, deep in Igbo Land.

The Odiani people are the only

indigenous speakers of Lucumi language in Africa. They share the language with Lucumi Afro American speakers in Cuba, Brazil and other South American countries.

History Of Lucumi Language

Lucumi language was a language spoken by the Igbo aborigines of Ile Ife during the Obatala era.

When the Igbos were displaced from Ife following the emergence of the Yoruba orders of Oduduwa and Moremi, Prince Chima Obatala (later Eze Chima) led so many Lucumi Igbos out of Igbomokun into Benin and then their traditional farmlands of Anioma.

Today, there is need to preserve Lucumi language as is spoken by the Odiani people.

Not enough is being done to preserve this historic language.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst