Video: HRM Ooni Of Ife Confirms Ife’s Obatala Dynasty Is Of Igbo Origin

In this viral Youtube video, the Ooni of Ife confirms that the Obatala dynasty is of Igbo origin. This is what we have been saying for years. Watch:


Mexico returns 6th century Ife bronze sculpture to Nigeria

A sculpture carved in the period of the Obatala Osere Igbo Aborigines of Ile Ife that was stolen, has been returned by Mexican authorities after they intercepted it at one of their airports.

See photo of the valuable sculpture and read more about it here.

The First Igbos Had A Judeo-Nubian (Egyptian) Origin (New Info)

Recall that has been emphasizing in various articles over the years that the first Igbos have a Judeo-Nubian (Egyptian) origin.

And today, we will look at those ancient connections with the Jews and Nubian Egyptians from the prism of substitutional atonement, a religious practice known to both cultures.


Igbos Through Amadioha (Kamalu) Held Secrets To The Atomic Bomb Before Albert Einstein – Obi Nwakanma

Today, we bring you excerpts from a write-up by the historian Mazi Obi Nwakanma in Vanguard that places an ancient connection between the legendary Kamalu a.k.a Amadioha and the invention of the atomic bomb. Read on below:

The Igbo themselves have the story of Kamalu, who took the impudent title “Amadioha” – and who destroyed the ancient world, and was himself blown to smithereens as he and his scientists experimented with “orisha-Akalum” or the “ore of the heavens,” or “Igwe” in his bid to create a powerful, all-conquering weapon of war.

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The Odiani Igbos, The Indigenous Custodians Of Lucumi Language

Today, we remember the blessed Odiani sub ethnic group of the Igbos. They occupy a part of Oshimmili Local Government Area, deep in Igbo Land.

The Odiani people are the only