New York Mayor Mocks Brazil President After Stopping His New York Visit

In the United States, states are not constitutionaly empowered to run a foreign policy, not to talk of municipalities.

But New York’s Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio has creatively…

stopped the president of a big country, Brazil from visiting New York.

Mayor de Blasio led protests against the visit of ‘Trump of the tropics’ Jair Bolsonaro to collect an award. The Brazilian strongman who was scheduled to collect an award put off the trip, citing attacks.

When Mayor de Blasio learnt of his ‘foreign policy victory’ over Brazil’s divisive strongman he tweeted:

“Bolsonaro just learned the hard way that New Yorkers don’t turn a blind eye to oppression”.

“We called his bigotry out. He ran away. Not surprised – bullies usually can’t take a punch. Jair Bolsonaro, Good riddance. Your hatred isn’t welcome here.”

In international politics, non state actors can sometimes wield very strong muscles.

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