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Tourism: Chance for excursion inside volcano

You heard that right. You now have the chance to tour the inside of a volcano that could erupt at any time!

Bermudan Afro Americans

Have you visited the paradise islands of Bermuda?

See what you are missing if you haven’t.

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Videos: Owerri, The Hotel Capital Of Africa

Legend has it that in Owerri, almost every house has a hotel in it. If you are the traveling type, when next you come to Nigeria, you might want to check out Owerri, IMO State, Igbo Land, Nigeria. Owerri is the quiet Las Vegas of Nigeria. See the videos in the Continue Reading link below.


Royal Caribbean Has 2 Resorts As Good As Disneyland!

Royal Caribbean has two island resorts you should try to visit if you have the money. I mean it. These islands have so much fun, and I’m not just talking about the beaches. I’m also talking of the water slides, the balloon rides, e.t.c. think of a hidden Disneyland or… Continue reading in link below:

Euro Disney!

To see what I’m saying, visit the link below: thank me later.

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The 2 Igbo Rivers That Fight Every Day

Oguta lake which is one of the largest water bodies in Imo State, Igbo Land, Nigeria. The lake is made up two angry Rivers. They are the Orashi river which is muddy in color and the Ogbuide River which is greenish.

The picture in the link below shows 2 rivers ‘so embittered’ that they meet but do not mix.