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Videos: Owerri, The Hotel Capital Of Africa

Legend has it that in Owerri, almost every house has a hotel in it. If you are the traveling type, when next you come to Nigeria, you might want to check out Owerri, IMO State, Igbo Land, Nigeria. Owerri is the quiet Las Vegas of Nigeria. See the videos in the Continue Reading link below.


Enugu Airport Closure: An Appeal For Owerri, Asaba Airports


Genetic Discovery Suggests Igbos Are The Oldest People On Earth (240,000 Years) – Dr Philip Njemanze

Dr Philip Njemanze has come up with a 500 page book where he states that the Igbos are the oldest people on earth. He also says that contrary to widely held beliefs, the real Jerusalem is actually in…


“Owerri Is The Only City In The World That Has Whose Names Start From A-Z”

I saw this hilarious but true post on Nairaland and decided to share. Enjoy: