(Identifying Igbo Variants During the Era of the Slave Trade) By Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani Vernon (Alufiel) Grier, Ed.D INTRODUCTION It is universally recognized that Igbo is the correct spelling of the tribe that currently comprises the majority of the inhabitants of south-eastern Nigeria and of whom are readily associated with the Biafran revolution, however during…… Continue reading THE GREATER IGBO NATION

Igbos Were The Proto-Bantus

I’m fortunate to have come across a report that shows that the first Bantus(who are now in there many many millions in Central and Southern Africa) originated from Eastern Nigeria, the location of Igboland. This excites but does not surprise me as I wrote in my book some years ago about a group of Igbos…… Continue reading Igbos Were The Proto-Bantus