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What Olauda Equiano Wrote About Igbos Being Jews In 1798

Igbodefenders interested in the question of the Jewsish origin of the Igbos should go and read this book. It was published by an Igbo man named Olauda Equiano in 1798, over 100 years ago. In it he lists reasons why he believes the Igbos have some Jewish ancestry.

The First Igbos Had A Judeo-Nubian (Egyptian) Origin (New Info)

Recall that has been emphasizing in various articles over the years that the first Igbos have a Judeo-Nubian (Egyptian) origin.

And today, we will look at those ancient connections with the Jews and Nubian Egyptians from the prism of substitutional atonement, a religious practice known to both cultures.


Genetic Discovery Suggests Igbos Are The Oldest People On Earth (240,000 Years) – Dr Philip Njemanze

Dr Philip Njemanze has come up with a 500 page book where he states that the Igbos are the oldest people on earth. He also says that contrary to widely held beliefs, the real Jerusalem is actually in…

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Watch Video: Ndi Igbo The Lost Tribe Of Isreal

I saw this video and decided to share it here for Igbo history buffs to watch and update thier knowledge/ dispute any discrepancies they find. It was compiled by Mathew Onyekachi Eneoko. Enjoy: