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What Nairalander Told Governor Fayose. Do You Agree?

Hi folks. We came across a comment (look below) by Nairalander  kgr8mike about Governor Ayo Fayose’s politics. The comment was made on a thread about Governor Fayose’s  meeting with the Ooni of Ife, on Nairaland, Africa’s biggest online forum.

kgr8mike said the following to the Ekiti state politician that cannot easily be ignored, (whether you like or hate him):

“Dear Gov Fayose,

Please you seem to be the only opposition that this government cares about what he says. Kindly continue even if you have to get it wrong somewhere. We don’t mind.

“You are the voice of the voiceless in high places. Kindly continue to puncture this government.


Buhari Gets New Nicknames On His Wikipedia Page From Mischievious Editor (See Screenshot) 

Wikipedia is an online site where members can edit information on topics in the site. So, Nigerians woke up to see two naughty new nicknames on President Buhari’s Wikipedoia page.

An unknown Wikipedia editor added the nicknames ‘Ajala the Traveller’ and ‘Baba Go Slow’ on the president’s page.

A lot of Nigerians have complained of the president’s foreign travels , which they say are too frequent, especially with the kinds of issues Nigeria is currently facing. Others critics say he is too slow in bringing about change.

But Buhari’s supporters counter that