Nigeria needs 30 million new jobs to keep unemployment from rising past 20% -World Bank

“Given the high population growth rates, nearly 30 million new jobs would be needed by 2030 just to keep the current employment rate constant.”

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Zikist Movement comment

We should be looking at reducing unemployment to at least single digits. 20% unemployment is too high. This is one of the reasons for the high crime rate in the country.


Half of all jobs on earth will be gone within 15 years! China’s leading AI expert warns

About half of all current jobs will become obsolete in just 15 years, according to one of China’s leading experts in artificial intelligence (AI).

Kai-Fu Lee, a writer, venture capitalist and technology executive who has over 30 years’ experience in AI (robot tech) will appear on CBS 60 Minutes today to announce his research findings that half of current jobs will disappear within 15 years due to new technology.

He will warn those job sectors most at risk so they can start retraining for the new world of robots and other AI.


NGO to create 1,000 jobs for female youths in Nigeria

(NAN) Caires Grooming Agency, a Non Governmental Organisation, says it will create 1,000 jobs for young women in Nigeria through its Miss Heritage Nigeria beauty pageant.

This is contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday by the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation, Ms Chinonso Emeka.