Genetic Discovery Suggests Igbos Are The Oldest People On Earth (240,000 Years) – Dr Philip Njemanze

Dr Philip Njemanze has come up with a 500 page book where he states that the Igbos are the oldest people on earth. He also says that contrary to widely held beliefs, the real Jerusalem is actually in…

Owerri, Igbo Land.

The genetics is conclusive and has proven that Igbo people are the oldest people on earth. We have the L1 gene.

The Eve, the first mother of all is L0. Igbos is the oldest of God’s creation. They are 150,000 to 240,000 thousand years on earth.

They created the entire human civilization, the entire language. The only language that was on earth for almost 100,000 years was Igbo.

This is already well known and established and there is no argument about this among scientists in genetics.

It well known that Igbos is L1. The L2 people are the Nilotic people who lived along the Nile. In Igbo this means ‘Miri nile’. Those people are the Southern Sudanese.

Then the L3 is every other black people you know. They are only 70,000-100,000 years. Every white man you see is 6000-7000 years in existence. The Asiatic people, a few of them, clusters are around 12,000 years.

So the white people are not even here. No white man was on earth when we were building the pyramids in Egypt, when we were building civilization, when we built electricity.

Most of these things happened before the white man came up, evolved from the mutation of L3 genes. This is scientifically well known.

So if this is the case how come we the Igbos are so much relegated to the background? If we had championed civilization and built the Pyramids, how come our language is not the first and we are colonized by the English which is the international language of the world?

Read more about the book at Aledeh. com

Ooni of Ife has said the same thing. The late Professor Catherine Acholonu said the same thing. What is your reaction?

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