No one can take Igbo Land from the Igbos

THE National Chairman of Fulbe [Fulani] Development Association of Nigeria (FULDAN), Malam Ahmad Usman Bello, has declared the Fulani as too good to be beaten by any other ethnic groups in the country. In what appears to be an assertion of the supremacy of the Fulani ethnic group over all others in the country, he… Continue reading No one can take Igbo Land from the Igbos

Bloodspill In Hausa Clash With Igbo In Imo

A report said that the fracas started when a Hausa man suddenly went berserck, killing 2 Igbos before taking his own life. By the time the whole thing ended, 6 people had been sent to early graves. See full details here: Imo State On Fire As Hausa Indigenes Clash With Local Residents.. Graphic Photos