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(Video) Why Government Must Provide Adequate Ambulance Transport During Lockdowns

For governments and the governed, this is a season where lockdowns can happen at any time. Because if done well, lockdowns can kill off coronavirus.

But if not handled well, lockdowns can lead to potentially life-threatening situations. Take the situation in the video below:

The video shows a man reportedly carrying his very very sick wife to hospital. There was no public transport, so he had to trek, carrying her.

Until a good Samaritan took pity on them… The thing is, if government wants to lockdown, they should also make sure that there are enough ambulances for pregnant women, and people that suffer other ailments that are not coronavirus like accident victims and people who suffer heart attacks.

Watch the disturbing video: video loading…

Government should be mindful of this. If you tell public transport services not to operate, then make sure there are a significant amount of ambulances for emergency responce.

A situation where the police are forced to become ambulances as recently seen should be avoided if possible so they can so they can do their own critical job.

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Oh, What A Young, Promising Life Cut Down!

A young female of about 16-17 was so excited. Why? She would be going to write her JAMB examinations, and if she passes, would enter university later this year.

She entered the vehicle brimming with excitement. The vehicle started her on the journey… But it was involved in an accident that claimed her life.

The family has been thrown into unimaginable pain…

See her lovely photo here.


Nollywood actor Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) needs financial help to walk again

Nollywood star Kingsley Orji, also known as Egbeigwe, has been bedridden for months after a ghastly accident.

He raised alarm for help to enable him go to India for hip operation.

To help see his account details in the video link.

We have been saying this: Nollywood should have health insurance to protect its own. Many Nollywood actors have died unnecessarily.


Sad: Youth corper buried in Akwa Ibom weeks to passing out 

It is very sad news that a corper who has finished school and is waiting to begin her life, has that life snatched by death just weeks to passing out. Yet that is the subject of the story I have linked to below.

With a few weeks to her passing out, Ngozi Onyekwere was involved in a ghastly motor accident and has lost her life. I wish our government will do more to make our roads safer.

Read the sad story here: Corper buried in A’Ibom weeks to passing out | Punch Newspapers


Sad photos from the fatal accident along Ekpoma Road that killed a man this morning

The accident involved an Imo Transport Company bus, which somersaulted and threw at least one passenger out of the bus and to his death.

No one knows which day wold be his last. We therefore have to be ready to go anytime death comes calling. That includes leading an upright life. RIP to the dead.

The Government should also be up to the game of given us good roads. Obviously, overspeeding is something that people should avoid. I know it is liberating to speed on the road, but you as the one driving must always remind yourself that you have loved ones that wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you. That may help.