Earnest Asuzu Death: AGN Should Set Up Medical Insurance For Actors

Earnest Asuzu is dead after being in low health for so many years. His death adds to the alarming number of Nollywood actors who have died.

It is now so alarming that people on social media are saying a Nollywood acting career should be avoided.

A lot of these dead actors didn’t die of mysterious circumstances. They died of long term illness. Prince James Uche and Ashley Nwosu come to mind.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria should form a mutual insurance benefit society where every member registers in case they fall seriously ill. Or they should register them in HMOs (health management organizations).

If such arrangements existed, many of these guys wouldn’t have died.

Nollywood Actors Need Higher Pay

Another things is that producers should please increase the payments to these thespians. I think many of these actors are underpaid and still cannot get normal jobs because people consider them to be rich celebrities.

Meanwhile, reverse is often the case, while they are forced to fake it with nothing. If they board Okada, bloggers and fans raise alarm. So, they are forced to use their last card to enter high class taxis like Uber or even buy a car when they are finding feeding difficult.

Rest in peace, Earnest Asuzu.

Nairalander’s Girlfriend Arrested As ‘Sick Man’ Died After Eating Her Food

This story is trending on Nairaland. A Nairalander posted asking for help after his girlfriend whom he gave money to start restaurant biz was arrested.

Why? A sick man came to her restaurant, ate and died, and the police seem to suspect foul play. But the man says he knows his girl is innocent.

The guy is basically asking for help as he says his girlfriend is innocent. He doesn’t know what to do, and says he hasn’t been able to speak to his girlfriend.

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Sushant Singh Rajput

Sad story. Prominent businesswoman Barrister Diekolola Osa Avielele is dead. She died of complications due to childbirth, but the baby is doing fine.

May her soul rest in peace. God help us o. God please receive her soul.