Henry Kissinger Described The Igbo People As The ‘Wandering Jews’ Of Africa

“Igbos are wandering Jews of West Africa – gifted, aggressive, westernized, and at best, envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the Federation—” (a White House Memo on Biafra January 28, 1969 to President Nixon by Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger) (Source : U.S Foreign Relations Documents Volume 5 , 1969)

Henry Kissinger is one of the greatest statemen to come from the United States. He served as US National Security  Adviser and Secretary Of State (Foriegn Minister) to President Richard Nixon.

This intelligence provided by Henry Kissinger to President Nixon on the Igbos who were then engaged in the Biafran struggle shows that the enterprising nature of the Igbos is known even by the CIA and at the highest levels of American power.

There is a palpable fear in some quarters that if the Igbos are given the chance, the sky would be their starting point.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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