Debatable Lands: The tiny ‘country’ lying between England and Scotland

There is a tiny ‘country’ between England and Scotland called the Debatable Lands.

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Coronavirus: Quarantined Man Uses Drone To Walk His Dog 🐕

One quarantined man has found out a clever way of using drones to do things outdoors while he stays indoors. He tied his dogs leash to a drone and made the drone take his dog out for a walk. See video of the drone walk in the link below:

We might see drone package delivery services next. AliExpress, Facebook, UPS, DHL…

Video: Man Rises From Coffin, Grabs Mourners, And They Run For Dear Life

Inside life I have realized that even people mourning in a burial would run away should the person they are mourning come back to life. This life eh.

In the video below, a man buried in a coffin rose up and grabbed the leg of pallbearers. People carrying the coffin ran for their lives. Watch.