Music Video: Ozo BBNaija And R Kelly’s ‘Sign Of Victory’

The video below plays back one of Ozo’s many victories in the BBNaija Lockdown House. R Kelly’s song Sign Of Victory plays in the background. In this one, he won a Head Of House Competition. Nothing will top this moment for me this season. Everything about this day was perfect, just like him ❤️ #WeLoveYouOZOContinue reading “Music Video: Ozo BBNaija And R Kelly’s ‘Sign Of Victory’”

BBNaija: Nengi Avoiding Ozo To Save Outside Relationship?

In the last BBNaija Saturday party, Nengi danced freely with other guys while pushing Ozo away, and said some strong words to him – only to apologize to him the next morning. People said she is manipulating Ozo with her on-and-off behaviour. Could it be that she is just trying to avoid misbehaving in theContinue reading “BBNaija: Nengi Avoiding Ozo To Save Outside Relationship?”

About The BBNaija NGO Presentation Task

The Big Brother NGO presentation by housemates showed that we have some intelligent housemates in the house. But… But only one team mentioned how much they would need from donors, and for what. The rest were trying to either impress, explain or entertain. Their goal should have rather been to convince. There are 4 mainContinue reading “About The BBNaija NGO Presentation Task”

Life Lessons From Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija reality show teaches a lot of life lessons. We will be discussing them below: Sometimes in life, reaching the top does not matter. Rather, it is what you pick up in your journey that makes a big difference. In BBNaija 2020, Ozo was nominated for eviction, while other housemates sailed to theContinue reading “Life Lessons From Big Brother Naija”