Planning a Kids’ Only Thanksgiving Party? See Some Helpful Tips

Are you going to host a Thanksgiving party this year? If yes, what type of Thanksgiving party do you aim to have? If you are a parent, there is a high chance that your Thanksgiving party may be designed just for children. These types of Thanksgiving parties are called kids’ only Thanksgiving parties.

You might assume that it is relatively easy to host a kids’ only Thanksgiving party. But in reality it can be more complicated. But this guide is here to help you.

You see, pleasing kids can be lot more complicated that pleasing adults. To increase your chances of having a successful party you need to prepare strategically.

Compiling The Guest List

Perhaps, the first thing to consider when planning a kids’ only Thanksgiving party, is the guest list. If your children are still too young, they may not be able to make invitation choices on their own. Teenagers and tweenagers are often better able to make such choices. So, if your child is a toddler or a little bit older, you may have to create the Thanksgiving party guest list all by yourself. A good rule of thumb is to invite children that are around the same age as your own child/children. For instance, you may choose to invite other children that are in your child’s class, or who attend the same daycare, or live in the same neighborhood, or who are related to your child.

Foods, Snacks And Drinks

After you have taken care of the party invites, you will want to start focusing on planning the party proper. You need to make decisions on the food, snacks, and drinks that will be served. Often you may not need to do the cooking for the Thanksgiving dinner for a kids’ only party. This is because snacks could come to the rescue.

But remember that kids can be picky when it comes to their food choices. So it may be wise to have a wide array of snacks and drinks on hand. Very Important: Try your best to make sure that whatever food, snack or drink is served is healthy. Also, these refreshments must be kid friendly. Kids love kiddy stuff.

Party Games

Whether it is a Thanksgiving party, a Christmas party, or a birthday party, kids’ party games can bring a lot of fun. So, you may want to select appropriate games. You can easily find a holiday party game ideas online, with a Google search. Also, you should also be able to buy a number of fun, kid-friendly party games online. You could also search for such in your local department store. Try seeking out the advice of your child and other parents in making your choice.

Make Provision For Parents Who Will Attend

When planning your kids’ only Thanksgiving party, remember it is not just kids that can legitimately attend. Some parents cannot stand being apart from their kids, even for a few hours. Some parents might also leave caregivers to stay around at the party. So make provision for that. So, you might want to have some adult-grade snacks available. You don’t want to be giving candy floss to parents/caregivers who might be trying to cut down on sugar.

Hope this helps.

5 Audition Tips You Never Knew

As the number of people auditioning for the hit television series American Idol can certainly prove the amount of competition is increasing. This means that it is necessary to show up to the audition fully prepared to show exactly what you are capable of doing, and minimize any insecurity that you have. Your ultimate goal is to always walk away with one of the coveted Golden Tickets, but the reality is that they are hard to come by. This means taking as much time as possible to learn how to handle yourself during the audition to get the absolute best reception from the judges possible.

1. Get A Voice Coach, Take Voice Lessons

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a singing career is using a vocal coach and taking vocal lessons. Even the professional singers all work with talented vocal coaches. You need to learn how to talk, how to breathe, how to control your voice, and how to improve your skill level continuously. Very seldom do you ever find a professional singer who does not continue to work with a vocal coach. This means that it is critical that as an amateur you work to improve your vocal skills continuously. Just remember, this is not the time to be cheap, you need to locate a good quality vocal coach that has a track record of success.

2. Practice Till It Is Part Of You

A second tip to follow is you should select your song months in advance and practice repeatedly. Practice until you know the words forwards, backwards and sideways. You do not want to be the one contestant that forgets the words to their song in the middle. The more you practice the better you will know the lyrics and the less likely stress is to cause you to forget the words. An additional benefit to practicing so much is you will be comfortable with the flow of the song, and have ample time to ensure that you can select a new song in the event that you have too many complications with your first song.

3. Have A Back-up Song Just In Case…

Speaking of song selection it is a good idea to have at least two songs that you are prepared to sing on audition day. This means two full songs, not one song that you fully know, and one that you know a little. You need two songs that you know fully so that you can properly perform the second song if requested. There are occasions that warrant a contestant singing more than a single song, being prepared for this situation will ensure that if it does occur, you are properly prepared for it.

4. Concentrate Your Forces

Your fourth tip is pick a specific style. There are no professional musicians that are masters at all styles. There is a specific reason for this; it would be far too complicated to master every musical form. This will require you to select a specific style of music that you are comfortable with and sticking to it as much as possible. Do you tend to favor a folksy style of singing? Perhaps you are more comfortable with a rock feel. You might even discover that you sing classically or even in an R&B style. Regardless of the style that you are most comfortable with you need to find it. All of your singing should be focused around the same genre as much as possible. From tone, to flow, to even song selection you are creating an entire package, make sure the package sounds perfect.

5. Win Through Your Song Not Your Words

Your final tip would be staying modest. There are very few people who ever swear that they are the American Idol in the auditions. Most who are truly talented know just how stiff the competition is and they go in ready to work towards the prize. Those who are merely walking around with a huge ego tend to be lacking in the singing skills necessary to win and quickly find themselves on their way out. If you are certain that your singing is the best in the world, you should simply prove it by singing, rather than telling the judges that you are destined to be the next American Idol.

Hope these tips help you in your audition.

‘General’ Pere

This week Head of House Pere has ruled the BBNaija 2021 house with an iron fist.

According to Whitemoney his nemesis, Pere served with the US Army in Afghanistan for 6 good years. So, he came into the game with a strategic and military modus operandi, making allies with Maria, who acts like a secret service agent herself.

When they were exposed as the secret wildcards (I guessed that one right), it seemed to fit not just their script but on a deeper level, certain areas of their character.

Well, Pere has stepped on many toes. Let’s see how he handles life out of power when a new Head of House emerges on Monday. My guess is one of 4 things will happen:

  • He turns from a supreme dictator to a feared warlord, still intimidating the generality of the house even though officially out of power. He may become the BBNaija version of Khalifa Haftar
  • His loyalist or ally becomes the next Head of House and guarantees him a soft landing. (Someone like Liquorerose who is Maria’s current bestie and is very athletic could have sympathies for Pere.)
  • His opponents (like those in the Whitemoney camp) grab power and cut him down to size politically
  • His numerous enemies bandy around to ensure he is nominated for eviction out of the house (I for-see former bodyguard Whitemoney nominating Pere and maybe Maria)

But one thing is clear: the BBNaija housemates, Pere’s growing fanbase outside the house and businesses that need emdorcements won’t forget him (or his opponents). Truth is BBNaija, with all its faults is a veritable platform for Nigeria’s youth to launch careers.