His 3-year-old son acts ‘like he is 3-months-old’: he needs advice Urgently

I write this piece with sadness simply because I am currently passing through a serious challenge that has really affected negatively . I have spent the little I have, even have to borrow over the issue. God knows I don’t have the strength to face it owing to the fact that am a low income earner even though am a graduate .

I became a father 3 years ago, meaning I have a child of 3 years, yes, he is a boy!, but he had just refused to grow. Not physically but mentally. I don’t know what to call this
My son of exactly three years has refused to talk, he behaves like a 3 months old baby, he does not respond to any command, plays with his faeces anytime he defecates.

He can even start eating it if no one is around. This boy am talking about does not give or show any if he wants to urinate, eat or defecate. If you place food before him to eat, he will just scatter it on the floor. This behavior became a major source of concern to everyone in the neighborhood.infact, the mother is almost going crazy right now as she has lost interest in virtually everything. Continue reading “His 3-year-old son acts ‘like he is 3-months-old’: he needs advice Urgently”

3 kids home alone as their mum and dad are detained in Lagos

Three young children of the same parents have been abandoned in Mushin as their parents have been detained in prison in Lagos.

Their parents, Taofik Aremu and his wife, Latifat, were arraigned before a Lagos Task Force and Magistrate court for committing different offences and have been remanded in prison for the past five weeks.

While Taofik was remanded at a prison in Badagry, his wife is cooling her head at Kirikiri prison.

Their three Kids, four – year – old kudirick and the twins Taye and Kehinde who are two years of age, are left to their fate at 13 Agoro street in Mushin where their reside.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the ordeals of the embattled parents started when Mr Aremu went to work and was arrested by the Lagos State Task Force. He was subsequently arraigned and remanded in prison.

His wife, Lafifat had disagreement with their landlady who dragged her to the Police at Olosan division in Mushin over rent. Continue reading “3 kids home alone as their mum and dad are detained in Lagos”

Is This Young Igbo Girl America’s Next Obama?

If she becomes America’s next star senator, governor or even America’s first female president, remember na i guru maka ya n’eba (na Igbodefender.com). Biko nu, guo maka this girl below:

Antonia Okafor is one of America’s foremost advocates of concealed carry on campus. In 2015, Antonia made a permanent mark in the second amendment community, when she became the Southwest Regional Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus(SCCC), where she advocated for the passing and successful implementation of the concealed carry on campus in Texas law known as, “campus carry.”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) took notice of her activism and had her star in one of their “Freedom’s Safest Place” commercials, a national campaign that highlights the diversity of NRA members. A current graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas, Antonia shows no signs of slowing down.

Read more about her rising political profile here and here.

Battle of the Yoruba Billionaires: Adenuga overtakes Otedola, becomes second richest Nigerian

We used to know Zenon oil boss Femi Otedola as Nigeria’s second richest person. But now, telecoms magnate Mike Adenuga has overtaken him, according to Forbes. See what they wrote about the 2 Yoruba billionaires bellow. Guess telecommunications is not feeling the pains of the crude oil crash, as Nigerians love talking and therefore Adenuga’s Glo keeps growing. Mr Otedola, diversify your portfolio like Adenuga who has only one foot in oil while the other foot is in telecoms.

3. Femi Otedola: He is the CEO of Zenon Oil and Gas and Forte Oil Plc. He has interest in real estates amongst other sectors. Net Worth: $2.3 billion. Otedola is son of a former Governor of Lagos, Sir Michael Otedola. Continue reading “Battle of the Yoruba Billionaires: Adenuga overtakes Otedola, becomes second richest Nigerian”

3 ways parents compromise their children’s safety on roads

1. Parents should take care of their children when going to school and after school. Don’t allow them to walk home alone. Two kids from the same parents were crushed a car (RIP). Maybe if their parents were there to guide them it wouldn’t have happened.

2. Some parents let their children play on the street as little as 1,2or3 years. So bad.

3. Some parents while taking their children to school will not hold their hand when a car horn at them, they will start shouting he!! Come out. Very disgusting.

Please and please these children are very important to the society. – Chiomenwa