His 3-year-old son acts ‘like he is 3-months-old’: he needs advice Urgently

I write this piece with sadness simply because I am currently passing through a serious challenge that has really affected negatively . I have spent the little I have, even have to borrow over the issue. God knows I don’t have the strength to face it owing to the fact that am a low income earner even though am a graduate .

I became a father 3 years ago, meaning I have a child of 3 years, yes, he is a boy!, but he had just refused to grow. Not physically but mentally. I don’t know what to call this
My son of exactly three years has refused to talk, he behaves like a 3 months old baby, he does not respond to any command, plays with his faeces anytime he defecates.

He can even start eating it if no one is around. This boy am talking about does not give or show any if he wants to urinate, eat or defecate. If you place food before him to eat, he will just scatter it on the floor. This behavior became a major source of concern to everyone in the neighborhood.infact, the mother is almost going crazy right now as she has lost interest in virtually everything.

We have taken him to several places for possible solution most especially hospitals, they referred us to psychiatric hospital on several occasions, my house is full of so many brain test results. All the drugs prescribed are strictly followed but no results. Honestly, this boy’s attitude irritates me each time he misbehaves.

I put him in school whether he will improve, I also hired a private home teacher to help but all to no avail. I see his age mates around, they don’t behave like that. Am completely devastated. I have spent everything I have just to get this boy well. Please anyone that know what I can do next because am tired.

If you have any advice that will help this father, please drop it here.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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  1. I like this advice from a Nairalander: ” Does he go out? School? A kid needs to be around his mates They learn everything faster when they are together.”

    But the parents may be afraid of how the boy will be treated in public. Sad. May God heal the boy.

  2. It may be a good idea to have a speech-language pathologist take a look and see whether he needs some professional help. Try your private elementary school — most private schools will evaluate a 3-year-old. You can also get a referral for a private speech-language pathologist.

  3. Every child develops differently. It’s fine at this age for your child to use two-word sentences, to still be try helping him to start using three-words e.g “He is nice” rather than “He nice”), as well as definite articles (“Want the ball” instead of “Want ball”.

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