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Igbo Student Ifesinachi Nelson Ezeh Gets Russia’s Highest GPA Ever!

A 26-year-old Igbo student in Russia, Ifesinachi Nelson Ezeh, is being celebrated in Russia at the moment. Why? He finished his Master’s degree at Saint Petersburg Agrarian University in Russia with distinction (5.0 GPA, the highest Russia has ever recorded.  


Will Duterte Be Able To Keep His Promise To Kill Criminals?

Rodrigo Duterte has finally been sworn in as president of The Philippines. The country had elected him after he promised to kill thousands of criminals.


Star Swain Becomes A Star By Singing National Anthem (Video)

You can become famous for doing even the simplest of tasks. Sometimes, all that matters is the spirit you put into doing it. That explains the story of Star Swain, a 34 year old assistant principal who was visiting the Lincoln Memorial.


41 Killed In Attack On Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport which is the third busiest airport in Europe is the scene of a bomb and gun attack that has killed 41 people and wounded 239.

The attack is the deadliest in a series of bomb attacks that have occurred in Turkey this year.

Citizens from China, Jordan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Iran and Ukraine are among the dead. Five Saudis and 2 Iraqis were also killed.


The attack started when one of the attackers started shooting in the departures hall. After that, he and 2 others blew themselves up in or around the arrivals hall.

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100 Plan To Disrupt Trump Fundraiser In Boston Today

Protests are expected today in Boston’s Financial District, as Republican primary winner Donald Trump comes to town. He is due attend a fundraiser for his campaign at noon local time.

Donald Trump had earlier canceled the original fundraiser due to the recent shooting of 50 people in Orlando.

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