Will Duterte Be Able To Keep His Promise To Kill Criminals?

Rodrigo Duterte has finally been sworn in as president of The Philippines. The country had elected him after he promised to kill thousands of criminals.
But is one thing to campaign and make promises and – often – another to keep those promises, especially a tough one like killing thousands of criminals.
Already, the criminal world has started fighing back, as a group of drug lords promised millions to anybody who would kill Duterte and his no-nonsense police chief.
But the man known as The Punisher laughed off the threat when asked about it a few days ago. While millions of Filipinos think he is a tough man for a tough situation, many human rights organizations fear that his approach could lead to rights abuses, like the killing of innocent people.
The United States has said it will be watching Duterte closely. Surely, the United Nations is already doing that. This is after they clashed with him.
We congratulate the people of the Philippines over the advancement of democracy in their country.

We don’t know how exactly his crackdown on crime will start. But it is certain that the Duterte presidency will be very tough on crime.

Duterte should not expect crime to fold its hands while he fights it. As we say in Nigeria, if you fight corruption, corruption will fight back.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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