Star Swain Becomes A Star By Singing National Anthem (Video)

You can become famous for doing even the simplest of tasks. Sometimes, all that matters is the spirit you put into doing it. That explains the story of Star Swain, a 34 year old assistant principal who was visiting the Lincoln Memorial.

A friend of hers who was holding a video camera convinced her to sing the US National Anthem, The Spangled Banner. Her rendition of the song stopped visiting tourist on their tracks. They kept silent and listened, entranced.

This wasn’t Beyonce singing, but something stopped them.

Now the resulting video has gone viral. On Facebook it ha over 2,398,000 views. And it has been shared over 10,000 times.

Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the US wrote in Poor Richard’s Almanac that we should use our talents because they for use were made. Use your talents. You may become the next Star Swain.

Watch the video of her impromptu song that has made her famous below.


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