Why An Igbo President Is The Solution To Nigeria’s Problems By Nwachibuzor

Hello Zikists, just saw this article on Nairaland and thought we should share it here. We don’t agree with one or two things the writer wrote. But 90% of the article is on point as regards Igbo Presidency. Do read it and learn one or two things for our campaign to get Igbo Presidency for Nigeria.

Over the years, we’ve always been seen as minorities in Nigerian politics for reasons I can’t understand but who can we blame, after all, our brothers from the north do say this God forsaken country is simply not ours so its just better we keep our mouth shut, look and watch the owners run their affairs. After all , the book of Exodus 14:14 says “God will fight the battle for you. And for you? Just keep your mouth shut while he’s killing your enemies one by one”. Anyways, if this country is ever willing to “get there” , [it will take the] charisma and leadership examples of an Igbo man. Here are some reasons, why we are the solution to Nigeria and Nigerian’s dilemna.

  1. We understand Nigeria politics better
    One of the backbone of democracy and politics void of deceit is freedom of the press. This Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi did uphold within his short term in office. He made freedom of the press one of his major priorities, Ironsi further identified Nigeria’s biggest problem politically as tribalism and gave his all to end that problem. He further stamped this by creating a unitary system and abrogation of several regions all in the name of “one Nigeria”. Just like his predecessor Azikiwe, he instigated a kind of Nigeria where an hausa man could rule or become a permanemt sec’ in Enugu. Under Azkiwe was one of the first universities in Nigeria established because if saw a great need of proper education for future political leaders and just like Ironsi’s advocate for a more united Nigeria, he formed strong alliances with the northerners. He held several political posts such as the member for Onitsha in the Eastern House of Assembly (1954–60); Minister of Internal Affairs (Jan.–September 1954); Minister of Internal Affairs, Eastern Region (1954); Member of His Excellency Privy Council, Eastern Nigeria (1954–59); Primer of Eastern Nigeria (1954–59); President of the NCNC (1946–60); Vice-President of the Nigerian National Democratic Party (1947–60); all of which he inducted rapid changes to the already rotten system.
    He also made sure slavery was greatly suppressed as he made an everlasting effect in the anti slavery society for protection of human rights. All these Nigerians mostly the hausas rather chose to remain in mediocrity but as the great zik of Africa will always say, “There is plenty of room at the top because very few people care to travel beyond the average route. And so most of us seem satisfied to remain within the confines of mediocrity” . But all theae glorious works were greatly destroyed by the northern cabals in the name of Gowon and his cohorts which frustrated another Igbo man Odumegwu Ojukwu. If the youbas and hausas choose to keep quiet amd wallow in suffering, the Igbos will never accept such fate. Just like this wise man Ojukwu once said, Since oppression is maintained by force, it is only possible to remove that oppression by a counterforce.Our natural gift of wisdom and wiseness will go a long way in making the economy betterOne name that comes to mind is Okonjo Iweala, she maintained a stable macroeconomic environment which set the platform for a stable economic growth. She made sure inflation levels remained in single digits . She also made sure exchange rate was stable compared to wjat it is today under the leadership of a northerner. In conjuction with GEJ’s transformation agenda, 11 airport terminals were completed . She under the GEJ administration invested in service sectors, remitted funds for the completion of fibre optic cables to rural areas to boost economic growth, made sure Nigeria attracted up to $10b in FDI amd made the country an industrial hub all of which were never achieved in previous led northern and yoruba regimes. Further solidified the economy by providing a GES scheme for farmers and also created millions upon millions of jobs. People like Tony Eumelu, Orji Kalu, Cosmos Maduka, Ibeto, Arthur Eze, Emeka Offor and so many more time will not permit me to mention have been the backbone of Nigerias economy in so many years. In lagos state alone, we contribute trillions upon trillions of dollars every year. All these can never be achieved without our presence. Major states like Lagos, Kano , Kaduna can never do without us

    The Igbos have more at stake in Nigeria and The country can only survive with us

    I once read a post here http://pointblanknews.com/pbn/articles-opinions/igbos-may-nigerias-greatest-hope/ saying “The Igbo is not only industrial but entrepreneurial. He is like the Western Jew. Now while other ethnic groups to also harbor similar and variable unique skills, one can imagine the outcome had the Western world not only ignored their Einsteins but frustrated them and pushed them into social rebellion and crime. Not only would they have lost decades of advancement but they would have suffered enduring regression from the easy transfer of intelligence and unusual skills to socially destructive applications. Your geniuses are some of your best resources or your greatest liabilities depending on how you utilize them.”

    Thats the simple truth. Our mental capabilities and entrepreneurship abilities are needed for Nigeria to move forward and Nigeria can never survive without us. Having an Igbo president will definitely lead to more exploits. In lagos, abuja, kaduna and kano, we make up 80% of the economy in thoss states. I can’t imagine how they will collapse if we all decide to leave one day. There is no state in Nigeria where Igbo investment do not exceed 5b. In Benue State, in 2010, when the Igbo community resolved to boycott the popular Zaki Biam Yam Market, the biggest in the nation, over disagreements with the host community, the market ran into serious challenges. In reaction to this, Governor Gabriel Suswan said: “Any state government that ignores the Igbo does so at the risk of its economy.

    We did it before, we can do it again
    Zik layed a lasting legacy, a legacy anyone can be proud of and will go down as the greatest leader in Nigeria’s history. We did it when we had the chance, we can do it again. When he first assumed power he said “My stiffest earthly assignment is ended and my major life’s work is done. My country is now free and I have been honoured to be its first indigenous head of state. What more could one desire in life?” But unfortunately, all his works and legacy were destroyed by subsequent greedy leaders. Only an Igbo man can restore such legacy again.

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/4260441/why-igbo-president-solution-nigerias#63729960


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