Igbo And The 2023 Presidency

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo Igbos must attend to Nigerian politics with clear eyed sobriety. The civil war left many chronic wounds. But Igbo have survived and thrived. Igbo may have been hampered by national structural defects and systemic injustices. But they have flourished and have the economic heft to surmount subsisting inequities. Igbo have enterpriseContinue reading “Igbo And The 2023 Presidency”

Igbo Presidency 2023: Parable Of The Thirsty Man And Cold Drink

Igbo Presidency 2023 is like a man trekking on a hot day, with the hot sun forcing him to sweat profusely.  And he saw a shop where they sell cold drinks, and he went in, bought a chilled bottle of …(input your favourite drink) and he drank it and his thirst was quenched.