US: Why We Rejected 44.9% Of Nigerian Visa Applications

A former American diplomat Kathryn Berck, has revealed that 44.9% of applications by Nigerians for nonimmigrant B visas to the US were rejected in 2017. She also revealed the reasons for the high rejection rate.

In a post on popular Q&A site Quora monitored by she said;

“Unfortunately, there are far too many Nigerians who have learned that the only way to get what they want is to make up stories and to buy and present fraudulent and counterfeit documents in order to get what they want. 

“I’ve worked in Lagos and know that there are many, many smart, honest, sophisticated and honorable Nigerians everywhere, in all levels of society. 

“But those who practice fraud overwhelm their numbers – at least, in the queue in front of the US consulate. 

“Last year (2017) the nonimmigrant B visa refusal rate for Nigerians was 44.95%. It’s too bad, but that’s how it is.”

In a similar post, the former diplomat also had this to say on the issue:

If you mean, “Why are Nigerian US visa applicants always refused” the answer is, they aren’t.

“In 2017, only 44.95% of Nigerian applicants for US nonimmigrant visas were refused. That is less than half. Why were they refused? They could not convince a US consular officer that they intended to visit the US only briefly, for a rational reason, and then go home again. Part of that inability to convince was due to false/forged/counterfeited documents, and lies of what I call kindergarten quality.

“It’s too bad that many honest Nigerians are stymied by the dishonesty of others, but it is what it is.”


To Zikist Movement, the overall message from all this seems to be:

1. “Nigerians, make your country work.”

2. If you want to travel to the US,.try not to break their rules.


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