The Farm Using Human Poo To Grow Fruits

“We humans have a complete misunderstanding of human waste,” he says. It’s a great fertiliser, full of nutrients. “So why waste it, when I can use it to grow my fruit trees?”

When we continuously grow our food in some locations [rural farms], but eat and excrete it in others [mega cities], we end up redistributing the nutrients on the planet.

Link to the full BBC article

Come to think of it, human poo should be full of nutrients. The nutrients the body didn’t digest. The article linked to above argues that rather than flushing human waste down the toilet, it should be used to create rich soil manure that’s more natural than chemical filled, global-warming-causing, cancer-causing synthetic fertilizers.

But how does the world (cheaply and ‘appropriately’) transport all that… stuff from toilets to farms where they can be sold to farmers? Would people like to eat the end-products? Couldn’t such handling lead to an E. coli epidemic? Let’s know what you think in the comments.

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  1. It’s true human is a great manure, right from the old days. That’s why things grow pokopokopoko. In the villages there’s no wc. So when people poo in certain properties it makes the soil there super fertile and the things that grow are super fresh. You will see the difference.

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