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An activist in the Black Lives Matter movement has revealed that police crimes against US Afro Americans has dropped drastically in cities that have strong BLM chapters.

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She also stated the tactic that seems to be working in the civil rights struggle. The BBC quotes her as saying;

…”However, what we are seeing is that in cities with strong Black Lives Matter chapters, the numbers have dropped dramatically, though this has been offset by increases elsewhere.”

Prof Abdullah says the gains have been achieved not by negotiating with police forces, which the organisation refuses to do, but by taking to the streets and making sure the police know they are being scrutinised.

She goes in to say that Black Lives Matter is campaigning for much more, including the defunding and dismantling of the current police system in the US and its replacement with a new form of law enforcement, something for which it has received considerable criticism.

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Eternal vigilance remains

Civil Rights US Afro Americans

Police Clash With Protesters After Killing Of Unarmed US Afro American

There have been violent protests in the US city of  Minneapolis after a policeman killed an unarmed US Afro American man by kneeling on his neck till he died.

Angry protesters threw rocks and sprayed graffiti on police cars, and police responded by firing canisters of tear gas.

Painful Last Moments

A video shows George Floyd, 46, groaning “I can’t breathe” as a policeman kneels on his neck! Those were his last moments.

This is a sad reminder of Eric Garner who was killed chokehold in 2014 in New York. The cases of police brutality against US Afro Americans is very disturbing. It has defied answers.

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There should be dialogue to find out why the killings of unarmed US Afro Americans by police keeps happening. America mustn’t just be a great society. It should also strive to be a fair society more than ever. Only then, can its greatness be said to be complete.


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Haiti Bought US Afro American Slaves, Set Them Free & Gave Them Land

Haiti has always been at the forefront of freedom. In fact, Haiti is onw of the bravest true leaders of the free world.

Haiti helped Simon Bolivar free a continent from colonialism on condition that he also ends slavery in any territory he liberates.

Now, new fact has come to light that Haiti also bought slaves from the US, freed them in Haiti and gave them land to start anew.

This country that loves freedom must be supported in its bid to shake off the economic chains it has been tied with!

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US Afro American Soldier Traces His Ancestry To Igboland, Takes Igbo Name

We at know that most Afro American people have Igbo ancestry. But it is always added confirmation when DNA confirms to an Afro American that their roots are in Igboland.

Of course, the matter is sometimes confusing when they trace the ancestry to various places that had Igbo slave colonies established by the slave traders to de-Igbocize Igbos before transporting them to the new world – places in today’s Angola, and Congo among others.

Join us in welcoming Mazi Akachukwu Okeke back to the Igbo family – that is his chosen name.

Special thanks to the Igbo Village in Virginia for organising events that lead to DNA testing to help our Afro American brothers retrace their Igbo roots.

Igbo Americans and US Afro Americans should support such efforts more.

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