Professor Anezi Okoro To Translate 10 Works Of Shakepeare To Igbo Language In New Book

Renowned author, Professor Anezi Okoro, says he will launch an Igbo translation of 10 works of William Shakespeare by May 2019. According to him, the book will be titled `Akuko Ufodu Shakespeare Koro’.

Professor Okoro was speaking at the end of year party of Coal City Literary Forum (CCLF), held in Enugu, Igbo Land, Nigeria.

He said the book was aimed at enriching Igbo literature. He added that it would avail lovers of the Igbo language with an opportunity to enjoy the tales of Shakespeare in Igbo.

Mazi Okoro kwuru na, “My wish is to see this book published before I depart from this planet. By God’s grace, I will launch it to the public on my 90th birthday in May, 2019.’’

Igbo Translation: Ihe’m cho bu ka m deputa ma gosiputa akwukwo nka tupu m hapu uwaa. Chukwu me ebere, m ga a lunchi akwukwo a n’ubochi m ga adi 90.

Professor Okoro is the author of the famous book ‘One Week One Trouble’.

Great Igbo Defenders, 

We must buy at least one copy of this book (when it is launched next May) to enrich our library/to donate to libraries all over the world (We Igbos are everywhere). 
I hope the book will be sold on Amazon to facilitate this process.
This is one contribution we can make to promote Asusu Igbo. Biko nu, we have to do more to save our language. It must not become like Latin which is now a ceremonial language.
It pains me that many of our young ones find it difficult to speak our mother-tongue, but all hope is not lost.

State Governments and schools in Igbo Land should critically look at possibilities of making the work required reading for our students.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst