Professor Anezi Okoro To Translate 10 Works Of Shakepeare To Igbo Language In New Book

Renowned author, Professor Anezi Okoro, says he will launch an Igbo translation of 10 works of William Shakespeare by May 2019. According to him, the book will be titled `Akuko Ufodu Shakespeare Koro’.

Professor Okoro was speaking at the end of year party of Coal City Literary Forum (CCLF), held in Enugu, Igbo Land, Nigeria.

He said the book was aimed at enriching Igbo literature. He added that it would avail lovers of the Igbo language with an opportunity to enjoy the tales of Shakespeare in Igbo.

Mazi Okoro kwuru na, “My wish is to see this book published before I depart from this planet. By God’s grace, I will launch it to the public on my 90th birthday in May, 2019.’’

Igbo Translation: Ihe’m cho bu ka m deputa ma gosiputa akwukwo nka tupu m hapu uwaa. Chukwu me ebere, m ga a lunchi akwukwo a n’ubochi m ga adi 90.

Professor Okoro is the author of the famous book ‘One Week One Trouble’.

Great Igbo Defenders, 

We must buy at least one copy of this book (when it is launched next May) to enrich our library/to donate to libraries all over the world (We Igbos are everywhere). 
I hope the book will be sold on Amazon to facilitate this process.
This is one contribution we can make to promote Asusu Igbo. Biko nu, we have to do more to save our language. It must not become like Latin which is now a ceremonial language.
It pains me that many of our young ones find it difficult to speak our mother-tongue, but all hope is not lost.

State Governments and schools in Igbo Land should critically look at possibilities of making the work required reading for our students.


How Shakespeare predicted American singer Prince’s 2016 death in 1599

Shakespeare seems to have predicted Prince’s death in 1599.
Can you see the rainbow?

Shakespeare said many centuries ago in his historical drama Julius Ceaser that the heavens blaze forth the death of princes. Well, see the rainbow behind late musician Prince’s house in Paisley Park.

In the drama, Julius Ceaser, Julius Ceaser’s wife, Calpurnia is begging him not to go out that day, as she fears for his life.

According to the tale, Ceaser did not sleep well that night and Calpurnia herself had several bad dreams and cried aloud 3 times from those dreams thus, “They murder Caesar!”

When she awakens she begs her husband to stay home. Caesar sends word to the priests and they, too, return a warning that Caesar must stay home.

Calpurnia is very disturbed , also because of other strange events of the evening before which include: reports that a lioness was seen giving birth in the streets of Rome, the dead rising from their graves (wish I was a blogger then), warriors fighting in the clouds, reports of horses neighing and dying men groaning, ghosts shrieking.

So she begs her husband to stay home. Caesar consults his priests and they too say Caesar must stay home. Calpurnia sees the strange events of the preceding evening as bad omens: she has heard reports that a lioness was seen giving birth in the streets of Rome. There were also reports of the dead rising from their graves and warriors fighting in the clouds. She got reports of horses neighing and dying men groaning, ghosts shrieking. And Comets were seen during the night, which Calpurnia sees as a sign that a prince will meet death.

So she says this to her husband:

“When beggars die there are no comets seen;
The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.”

Julius Caesar (II, ii, 30-31)

According to Shakespeare, a comet like this was seen blazing forth in the night before Julius Ceaser died.
We cannot verify Julius Ceaser’s comet as we were not blogging when he died, but take another look at the rainbow blazing forth behind Princes house, Paisley Park.

I doubted the truth in this at first, but the photo above makes me begin to see things differently. In the case of Julius Caeser, it was a comet. In the case of Prince it is a rainbow. The rainbow was seen blazing forth in Paisley Park as tributes were given to American musician and Prince of Music.

You ask me how a general statement can be taken as a prediction? when you consider the fact that in adding that statement to Calpurnia’s dialogue Shakespeare was probably using artistic licence – that the real Calpurnia probably didn’t say those words, it begins to look to me like a prediction of American singer Prince’s death.

There appears to be a supernatural dimension in Princes death.Already the internet is agog as it has found 2 people that predicted Prince’s death – one did so 2 weeks ago, while the other did so exactly one year go. Look below to see the snapshots.

This one below predicted Prince’s death exactly one year ago.

I can hear you say.”Hmm, what is happening here?” If you ask me, na who I go ask? apologies to musician Asha.

Tributes In Purple To The Prince Of Music

Elsewhere, fans in America and beyond have been paying tribute to the prolific musician using the colour purple. Prince, who was found dead yesterday at Paisely Park was aged 57.

He was a multi-talented singer who sang comfortably and excellently in many genres and was often compared to Micheal Jackson because of his style. From NASA, to newspapers, to buildings, to websites, it was all tributes in purple. See some photos below:

Prince, Paisley Park Studios