Open Letter to Governor Ambode On The Okada Menace On Agege Motor Road/Lagos Abeokuta ExpressWay

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your efforts to bring sanity to transportation in Lagos, but there is one area in which impunity still reigns supreme.Every evening lawless Okada operators brazenly drive against oncoming traffic on the Agege Motor Way and the Lagos-Ibadan Express Way.

As a result, motorists and pedestrians coming from Sango Ota, Abulegba, and other areas are put into great danger of losing their lives to the unnecessary lawlessness of these brigands.

Crossing Roads Now Trips Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

Also, people crossing the road from busy bus stops like Mangoro, Cement and other bus stops also have to face the fact that they may not reach the other side of the road they are about to cross – it is that bad.

This is because, as they are crossing the road, they also have to look out for these okadas, driving against oncoming traffic at high speed. Indeed, so many have died from the bad driving of these motorcycle operators insulting anyone who dares to correct them or assert his right.

They have already been banned from these roads I am talking about. But they flout it with impunity. They begin to load passengers (they normally carry 2 passengers instead of one in the back seat of their motorcycles) at Oshodi.

That is where crack law enforcement task forces should beam their searchlights in order to end the menace. They also load at Ikeja-Along Bus Stop- in the tiny grass area in the middle of the road.

Your excellency Governor Ambode, these miscreants and killers should be stopped. They have killed or maimed several of your citizens and continue to do so on a daily basis. This is despite the fat that they have been banned by the government from expressways.

Save Our Souls, Sir

What is needed is to confiscate their motorcycles, and criminally penalize them, because they are daily killing individuals through their acts of willful dangerous negligence.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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