On The Report That Moove Is Seizing Uber Cars In Nigeria

Moove which partners with Uber Nigeria to provide cars on hire-purchase arrangement to drivers has been reported to be seizing cars of Uber drivers who cannot pay the installment fee of about N6400 per day.

First of all, the economy in Nigeria is very harsh. So, it might often be difficult for drivers to pay the fees. But those who can pay should pay, and not hide behind others who genuinely can’t pay.

Moove has to make money to pay salaries of their workers and to be able to give more Nigerians Uber cars to drive. Moove has stepped in to try and fill the space that car loans from banks would have filled in Nigeria. That should be applauded.

At the same time, some Uber Drivers has alleged that Moove doesn’t pay for insurance and other maintenance obligations that have been agreed in their hire-purchase contract. If that is true, it is also wrong. Moove should try to pay such dues if they are obligated to under the contract.

We have not heard Moove declare force majeure if it has been stopped from such payments due to the harsh economic environment in Nigeria.

Everyone involved should try their best to both keep to the contract signed and to discuss in good faith so as to amend impractical parts of the contract.

That would make it easier for all stakeholders to make a living while providing great car hailing service to Nigerian residents.


By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


  1. It really is not easy for all Nigerians, both employer of labour and the labourer, service providers and service receivers but the fact is that alot of people do not take time to study and understand the terms and conditions attached to their contract due to desperation , whatever be the case, let them settle amicably for the progress of everyone.

  2. The truth is, some people are into this, not because they want to, but because this is what is available for them. So, keeping up with the terms and conditions maybe a little difficult considering the economy situation of our country.

    I sincerely feel sorry for them. Moove should please take it easy on them. There should be an understanding between. Life in Nigeria is hard already.

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