Ohabu, An Igbo Community In Akwa Ibom

Ohaobu is coined from two Igbo words Oha which means “people” and “Obi” which refers to where a King lives or first son of a large extended family receives visitors.

Second, the full name is Ohaobu Ndoki.

Third, it is the most important town of the Ndoki people of Abia State.

Fourth, Ohaobu Ndoki is located in Azumili in Ukwa part of Abia

Fifth, Ndoki people speak Igbo fluently

Sixth, the former Senate President Adolphous Nwagbara is from Ndoki part of Abia

Seventh, We have Ohaobu Ndoki in Ukanafun LGA of Akwa Ibom, they speak Igbo and answer Igbo names likes Igwe, Ngozi, Okafor, Emeka, Mili, Wagbara e.t.c

Eighth, Ohaobu Ndoki in Ukanafun has never denied their Igboness and most of them trade around Opobo area within Aba, in Abia State dealing on palm oil.

Ninth, Ohaobu Ndoki in Akwa Ibom are marginalized though the government is addressing the injustices.

Tenth, below are few newspaper extract that shows we have Ohaobu Ndoki in Akwa Ibom State


By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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